Once I Found Joy on the Step’s of Swami’s

Water broken. White belly borne. Tide has chosen Dusk or morn’. Crashing, Crushing Rock to sand. Sea, the boss. The bitch, the land. Which am I? And who are you? Horizons broken In shades of blue. Sea, the boss As clouds descend, Mountains crumble And waves upend. Moon arrises softly, Stately, No big show. Gently... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to the online home of author, Rachel Propst and Heart On Her Sleeve.

Just like my own home, this online forum is a reflection of the dichotomous runway of life, achieving individual balance, autonomy, and spiritual success. I say, “Welcome.”

I am a jack of all trades and a master of two. Commenting on and curating the experiences of womanhood in the twenty-first century.

There is no one size fits all path in life.  Writing is no different.  Here you will find a world where life and genres collide to create a tapestry of self-care, human exploration, self-discovery, and bravery.

Passionate about human connection, each of act of writing looks at the psyche and its broader affects on our lives and choices.

This beautifully unexpected journey has created the opportunity for me to discover dynamic archetypes in the most unlikely places.

Please enjoy, engage, explore and use this site as it fits your needs.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Painfully Beautiful Reminders

Pain, my teacher; Discomfort, my friend. Mountain top vistas With fracture portends, Though path is in sight, Stumbling descents And darkness of night. Rough edges yielding To the patches ahead. No longer shielding, Misleading with dread. Pain, my teacher; Discomfort, my friend. I guess it’s good To see you again.

Today’s Toll

Victories in many forms On the wings of morning borne. What’s today and what’s tomorrow When we beg, steal and borrow Joy for now and peace for then Oh I hear the cries of men “Trade us pain for your sorrow If not now then please tomorrow.” Take your peace and trade it down To... Continue Reading →

Blades of Strife

Mirror mirror on the wall How do I know a sheep from a cull? A wolf posturing in wooly clothes Appears, as soon as I repose. No peace to be had here, Upon this fretful sphere. Are we all fallen, broken, fearful made? Are we held in a father’s gaze Or left to stumble aimlessly,... Continue Reading →

Shifting Blue

Curtains shut, shading bluePretending to divide by hueFirst class from economy.A sheer and drifting dichotomy Barely masks a long-held truthAs stenches, noises float on throughTo make discomfortable and warnOur best attempts are just as worn As that tired curtain, floating blueLays bare a world that’s inside you.Uncomfortable with pain and selfAnd all a lot in... Continue Reading →

A Sparrow’s Psalm

Anxiety, wraps me in her nest, Feeds me well, and takes my rest. Trying always for a breathe. Suffocated half to death. Anxiety, spreading feathered wings, Rocks me back and forth and sings Of highest heights never reached; Set her off and let her preach. Anxiety, feeding worms to me. Never ever stops to see... Continue Reading →

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