Shifting Blue

Curtains shut, shading blue
Pretending to divide by hue
First class from economy.
A sheer and drifting dichotomy

Barely masks a long-held truth
As stenches, noises float on through
To make discomfortable and warn
Our best attempts are just as worn

As that tired curtain, floating blue
Lays bare a world that’s inside you.
Uncomfortable with pain and self
And all a lot in search of wealth.

Pretend you aren’t. Go on; I dare.
You must know that lies laid bare
By a mesh curtain we all ascribe
Certain mystique through broken pride.

Or maybe it’s hate for self and others
Always forgetting we all are brothers,
Sisters, and humankind lost in what defines
Our differences. So minuscule, so quick to remind

“What’s yours is yours; what’s mine is mine!”
Our naked form much less refined
Then we pretend. Curtains hung so neatly,
As lives collide repeatedly

“I am you & you are he & we are all together.”
I am sure I would be ashamed if I were measured
For all my inner most thoughts and treasures.
Not the ones shaded blue.
These are yet another hue.
I pretend, as so you do
That we are not all nakedly
Hiding hate so shakily
Slowly, slowly breaking “we,”
Making “me”. All pretending
That end to ending
This doesn’t need tending.
Like ourselves, frail, fragile flights
Starkly, staunchly brings to light
A shared state and plight.

Curtains shut, floating blue
Pretending to divide by hue
First class from economy.
A sheer and shifting dichotomy.

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