Blades of Strife

Mirror mirror on the wall

How do I know a sheep from a cull?

A wolf posturing in wooly clothes

Appears, as soon as I repose.

No peace to be had here,

Upon this fretful sphere.

Are we all fallen, broken, fearful made?

Are we held in a father’s gaze

Or left to stumble aimlessly,

Though not painlessly,

Through a field of broken blades?

Blades of grass and blades of life

Cutting, bleeding, endless strife.

Surely there is a respite

From myself and fearful fright.

How to protect one so dear,

Sisyphean task so very near

To completion but never complete.

Grant me rest and in me replete

The strength of others gone before

The strength many have assured

Is mine to have. My protector’s heart

Is not my own; that is the start

To knowing truth and finding peace;

Oh hear my prayers from bended knee.

God grant me the strength and peace to live

Upon your grace so free to give.

Suffice today the troubles thereof

Bind me up and cover in love

Your child, desperate, dank, and bleeding.

Bring me safely home to reason.

Guide my heart and bind the wounds.

Don’t let painful thoughts intrude

On the peace we claim and create

Even though our hearts do ache.

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