A Sparrow’s Psalm

Anxiety, wraps me in her nest,

Feeds me well, and takes my rest.

Trying always for a breathe.

Suffocated half to death.

Anxiety, spreading feathered wings,

Rocks me back and forth and sings

Of highest heights never reached;

Set her off and let her preach.

Anxiety, feeding worms to me.

Never ever stops to see

Just how sick they’re making me.

Leading, leaving, agony.

Anxiety pushes me towards falls

I’m ill prepared for, if at all.

“Spread your wings”, I hear her chirp,

As I plummet down towards earth.

I am out the nest, at least there’s that.

Put a feather in your cap.

Get back up and dust it off.

Some paths just start off tough.

On the ground, no route but up.

Guilty, guilty of not enough,

Time spent practicing in turn

Always fueling lessons learned.

Walk it off and learn to fly.

This is not your path, here’s why.

You’re a bird, and so you see

You’re strong and brave and feathery.

Stop trying to walk. Stop trying to crawl.

You can do this; head the call.

“Spread your wings”, I hear her chirp.

Stop chasing fear, with bravery flirt.

Anxiety, fear’s swan song,

builds a wall; It takes so long

To tear it down, and see it’s form

I know that we are oh so worn,

Yet Strong, and brave. Trying still

For the best with all our will,

Strength, and effort to win the day.

Taking flight, disperses weight

Of long held fear, as wind takes hold,

Lifts you up and makes you bold.

Take a dip or try a spin

You are courage, my fine feathered friend.

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