Once I Found Joy on the Step’s of Swami’s

Water broken.

White belly borne.

Tide has chosen

Dusk or morn’.

Crashing, Crushing

Rock to sand.

Sea, the boss.

The bitch, the land.

Which am I?

And who are you?

Horizons broken

In shades of blue.

Sea, the boss

As clouds descend,

Mountains crumble

And waves upend.

Moon arrises softly,

Stately, No big show.

Gently reminding

with her glow

To us all

She peaks and pulls

Even the waves

In her control.

Moon has chosen

One with strength.

Quietly pulling, straining

Breaking banks

Of stubborn pride

Heart’s protections.

Head and hide

Think they are saved

Till all is revealed,

Moon has chosen

One with strength.

I the sea,

my fear the banks.

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