The Depot

Intersecting dreams

Bulging seams

Baggage of yesterday

Last month

Last year….

When we started packing,

It is never clear.

But in they went,

The Harsh words hurled,

The Dreams deferred,

The Masks

The armor

The weight your bare.

Bags bulging

Hopes high

Brining every piece of our disguise

False laughter

Fearful joy

The baggage of modern womanhood.







“All aboard!!!”

The journey, ageless.


Bare bones

On display



Packed deep away.

Hiding some if all the truth.

Information to be misused?


Luggage lost

Bags exchanges

Different sizes,

Same damn shame.

Last month,

Last year….

When we started packing

It is never clear.

In they went…

But out they come

When we are stronger

By only by one.


Take that journey

Unpack that bag

Meet that stranger

Pitch that rag.

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