On “to thy own self be true”

“Woman or girl,

Old ‘fore her time.

Looking to please

Looking to find

The part of her self

To which she was true

Without biting back

To save him or you.

You and your senses

So easily undone.

Your sensibilities

Pretending to run,

Blush, and hide

In uncomfortable fashion,

Yet turn heel pursuing

The first scent of passion.

Woman or girl,

Old ‘fore her time,

Biting her tongue,

Towing the line.

Too much to share

“she’s an open book”

Yet risk too little and

“the bitch is a crook.”

Caught between tides,

Woman or girl,

Fight, flight, or slight

To end of the world.

Damned if you do.

Damned if you don’t.

Might as well ____________ (insert that thing you want to do but are afraid to do)

The rest the world won’t.”

Lately, I have been moved by women, their resilience, and those that love and support them. I recently found Artist Ashley Lukashevsky and her stirring passion for healing. Do that thing that stirs your passion, because no one else will.

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    Share your poem with me at the GDG #6 –
    Rachel writes her heart on her sleeve
    She says: This is a poem I wrote this summer, discovering the battles scars I share with my sisters. Thanks for a great, inspirational site, that encourages it readers to create.

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