Chasing the Likes: 3 easy take-aways for a life bigger than social media.

We all know the drill, the escape, the easy of the thumb-scroll-through. But we also know the ache of discontentment that comes from numbing, the desire for something more.  Here are 3 quick ways to live a life that is bigger (and better) than living the one on social media.


#1. STOP taking your phone with you to the bathroom!

O.M.G.!!!  Boundaries people!!!

I get it!  You are TRYING to be polite.  No one wants to be the jackass who is always on their phone.  But come’on.  The toilet?

And here we are, left funding research to see why people are so overwhelmed.   ANSWER:  You are literary communicating to the world, from the privacy of your porcelain throne!

Takeaway:  you will not feel better, squeezing “your” time into “your” time.  This leads to point two…

#2.  Intention

Set it.

Social media is a black-hole of time suck, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are beneficial ways of coming to it and using to a specific end (such as resources for a job, crowd-sourcing an idea, etc.)

That scrolling glazed-eyed like/love/haha/like is a dangerous game, one I know all too well, when my intention is less than specific.

Takeaway:  Find the people that build you up.  Join the groups that support you reaching your goals.  Stop with the drama.  It will only make you look older.  


#3.  Restrain and Reflect

Make a folder or note for your Facebook thoughts.  Instead of blasting every thought that comes in your head, responding to a comment, etc. take a moment to write it down and walk away.  Go do something else.  Don’t go back to it until you have forgotten about it.  With new eyes on your message, comment, etc.  ask these questions:

  • Is it ripe?
  • Is it a piece of you will help you?
  • Would it better as a private journal entry? Poem? Sketch?

Before you know it ….you might begin to journal and have a meaningful conversation with yourself.

Know yourself

Forgive yourself

Let go of that desperate self “like” we are all looking for.

Take away:

like love etc yourself

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