Excerpt: They Day After Disney Leaves, the princesses’ path to happiness.

“Cinderellas actual journey begins when she awakens to the reality that her dreams were not exactly as she’d imagined. Her challenge, how she reacts to the emptiness of achievement, is now our challenge. When the pinnacle is reached and Whatever sought after desire is achieved, what do we do? Do we become stagnant, gloating alone in our success ignoring the very reality of the pain.

“I am so happy.” We quip, almost to ourselves, as we prep the royal family announcement for Facebook. Ignoring the fear, loss of freedom, and fifteen additional pounds,fat holding the weight our hearts are too heavy with realization and fear to bear.”

I am currently working on a book outlining the path to happiness/acceptance for each of the Disney princess archetypes. I welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas! When the book is finished, I will be drawing for 10 free signed copies!

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